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      Weichai has auto business, construction machinery, power system, intelligent logistics, luxury yacht and
      It has passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental quality management system and 3C certification, and is one of the first batch of CAD demonstration projects in Jiangsu Province.
      Adhering to the management concept of quality, brand and reputation first, constantly improving the service system and serving customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly
      Sales Hotline:0514-87903319
      After sales hotline:0514-87904097

             Weichai (Yangzhou) Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. (formerly Yangzhou Shengda Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.) (hereinafter referred to as Weichai Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.) is located at No. 8, Weichai Avenue, Hanjiang Automobile Industrial Park, Yangzhou City, with a registered capital of 125 million yuan. Founded in 1965, the company has a history of nearly 50 years of production of municipal sanitation vehicles (equipment), mining machinery and engineering vehicles, a series of logistics vehicles. The company is a designated manufacturer of key special purpose vehicles and sanitation cleaning machinery of the Ministry of communications, Jiangsu Province, a torch plan Yangzhou automobile and parts industry base enterprise, and a high-tech enterprise. In 2011, with the support of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Jiangsu Yaxing automobile group and Weichai holding group carried out a strategic restructuring. Yaxing group transferred the equity of its subordinate Yangzhou Yaxing Bus Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Yaxing Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Weichai special vehicle company to Weichai holding group. Weichai Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a state-owned wholly-owned subsidiary of Weichai (Yangzhou) Yaxing Automobile Co., Ltd. under Weichai group.
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      Founded in 1965


      Plant area


      Plant area